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Natural Frequency aims to publish significant and original research, educational pieces and commentaries within the field of high-performance building design and the architectural sciences.

The journal is written by the community it endeavours to help: architects, engineers, researchers, academics, students, enthusiasts and assorted specialists. Contributions are welcomed from all -- please read through the information below if you would like to send us an article...

Why write for Natural Frequency ?

Your peers, colleagues and clients will see your work and ideas published in a credible and respected forum -- and if they like your stuff then many are likely to visit the links you include in your author biography to find out what else you do.

What we're after

Our aim is to change the way buildings are designed by encouraging and helping with the adoption of high-performance, energy efficient and environmentally sustainable techniques throughout the entire building lifecycle. This may involve challenging designers to abandon bad practices or refuting accepted wisdoms about analysis methods or algorithms.

If your article can do that and will be of benefit to others, then we would love to see it.

However, we will not use material that has or is to be published in another journal in substantially the same form.

How to write an article

Develop a clear argument for your article, with a well-balanced structure making sure you keep in mind our core readership of building design professionals. Don't be afraid to write in your own voice, and use our style guide for correct formatting. Always check your information and be sure to cite other sources in full wherever necessary.

How to submit an abstract for consideration

Please use this handy contribute form to send us your abstract.

Selection for Publication

On receipt of an abstract, the panel of Editors will make an initial decision on its suitability for publication in Natural Frequency. If the decision is positive, you will then be asked to complete the full article for further consideration.

Peer-reviewed Articles

If you choose to have your article peer-reviewed (refereed), then your article will undergo further review by at least two appropriately qualified independent experts in a double-blind review process. Based on this review, the Editors will make a final decision on publication.

The double-blind process is employed to ensure the review is consistent with the research criteria of objectivity and knowledge. All articles that have successfully completed the refereeing process will be listed in the Peer-reviewed Articles section of Natural Frequency (in addition to being listed under the appropriate topic) and will include the following comment at the start of the article:

This article has been peer-reviewed. This means that it has been independently reviewed and approved by at least two people with relevant qualifications, in a double-blind review process. Thus it is considered scholarly and consistent with the research criteria of objectivity and knowledge.

Articles that are not Peer-reviewed

In the case of all other articles, the decision on whether or not to publish will be taken by the Editors with or without comments from others, as deemed appropriate in each case.

...and please take note -- just because an article is not peer-reviewed does not mean it is not just as valuable a resource for readers. Often the most helpful pieces are those that offer suggestions, experiences, opinions ... or even just hunches or rules of thumb. We welcome them all.

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