Natural Frequency Journal :: Topics

The following are the major topics for articles in this journal.

Articles about sound propagation, noise and the acoustic behaviour of rooms.

Articles about air flow, ventilation and the use of computational fluid dynamics.

Articles about energy codes, planning rules and other regulations that govern building performance or analysis processes.

Articles about the performance analysis of real building projects or actual implementation practices.

Articles about hourly weather data or monthly climate summaries and their use in performance analysis.

Articles about building analysis in the context of education and teaching.

Articles about comfort, psychrometrics and bio-climatic design processes.

Articles about daylight analysis and all aspects of natural/articifical lighting simulation.

Articles about techniques used to create the kinds of abstract models required for computational analysis and and experiences actually using them.

Articles about design analysis, practices and workflows.

Articles about programming and/or using scripts to control the analysis process.

Articles about solar position, photovoltaics and all aspects of solar radiation.

Articles about passive, low energy and environmental design ideas and the use of appropriate technologies in buildings.

Articles about the thermal performance of buildings and the simulation of HVAC systems for estimating energy use.

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